About massages

What is tantra?

  • Tantra is a tool and a set of techniques to transform the human being which is based on one's own physical experience.
  • Tap into the secrets of Tantra through tantric massage
  • Tantra is a path towards liberation of the being and sees the physical body as the beginning point of this spiritual quest
  • It sees the body as a temple in which one can enjoy the true beauty of life to the fullest
  • Tantra accepts the body as sacred and desire as a bridge to pleasure, meditation, and spiritual ecstasy.

What is tantric massage?

  • Tantric or tantra massage, unlike traditional massage, focuses on the whole body.
  • It opens the chakra system, respecting the laws of the active chakras: male odd and female even.
  • It consciously and with maximum attention, focuses one third of the total time on an intimate, genital massage.
  • It works with intention, both consciously and becomes a meditation, enlivened by dynamic elements
  • For men, it includes a massage of the penis or lingam and a massage of the prostate, the site of the active male 1st chakra, through which men open their heart chakra
  • for women, in includes a gentle breast massage – the area of the active 4th heart chakra, a massage of the hips, buttocks, and a massage of the female sex - the yoni - from the outside and inside.
  • Suffecient time, harmony, knowledge of the laws of the energy system, and sensitivity to each client is essential for a professional tantra massage.


What awaits you in the beginning?

  • After your arrival we'll have a cup of tea and get to know each other
  • We'll discuss any expectations
  • Then we'll move to the massage room, or the bathroom, where you can have a warm shower
  • We'll begin the massage
  • After the massage there will be coffee or tea available, you can also buy massage tools, which you can use at home with your