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Experience Prague Parlor's sensual tantric therapy with incall or outcall massage service from Czech tantra therapists. Enjoy relaxation and tantric pleasure in Prague in our Spa or your bedroom. To visit Our Tantric Parlor please Book our Incall Massage Services in Prague before visiting!

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Explore our inviting massage parlour - tantra studio in Prague, and our tantra therapists and discover the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation or experience the ultimate indulgence.

Relaxation with Outcall Massage Service

We offer a professional mobile massage service direct to your hotel room (or a massage at home) delivered by a fully qualified female or male czech tantra massage therapists.

Authentic Czech Tantric Spa Techniques & Sensual Mobile Massage Service in Prague available for:

  • men
  • women
  • couples

Outcall massage service Exkluzivní masáž pro muže

Massage Therapy for Men

For men, because their 4th chakra is less active, we activate the breast area later, after energy has already been released through other positive chakras. However, the male chest is an area where a lot of emotions can be released from and clients appreciate the pleasantness of longer pectoral and shoulder massage.  Check about tantric prostate massage,lingam penis massage or four hands massage.

Tantric breast massage for men

As far as the actual breast and nipple area for men is concerned, this area also tends to be hypersensitive. A tantric breast massage for men, including a nipple massage, is very pleasurable. In these cases, a nipple massage for men with energy distribution can last up to half an hour.

Tantric penis and prostate massage

For men, full massage includes a massage of the penis or lingam and a massage of the prostate, the site of the active male 1st chakra, through which men open their heart chakra. As a lingham massage studio we provide all kinds of tantric massage for men. So, if you search for lingam massage studio in Prague, do not hesitate to visit us. Ejaculation during massage is allowed.

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Massage Therapy for Women

For women, the massage includes a breast massage – the area of the active 4th heart chakra, a massage of the hips, buttocks, and a massage of the female sex - the yoni - from the outside and inside.

Tantric breast massage for women
Tantric breast massage, is simply tantra massage applied to the breasts.A tantric breast massage is most usually requested by our female clients and we offer it as a separate, individual massage. This massage directly touches the most sensitive female area, the 4th chakra, and is quite deep and meditative in nature. 

You can realy surprise your wife with a visit to the Prague massage parlour. We provide professional massages including tantric breast massage specifically designed for women.

When getting tantric breast massage concentrate on your breathing during the experience, taking long, deep breaths. We will drizzle some oil in the centre of your chest, between your breasts, and across your stomach. But before moving on to the breasts, we start by massaging the tummy to stimulate sexual energy.

Then we move to the nipples with tracing, pinching, and rolling once your body is begging for it. Massage include body massage up to the neck, head, and scalp as you get close to climax.

Yoni massage for women

The vulva is honored and pampered with a yoni massage.You will lie down on your back in a comfortable position, with a pillow under your hips, knees up, and feet on the ground. To stimulate the clitoris, we move to the vulva and alternate between circling, pushing and pulling, tugging and rolling, tapping, and G-spot massage.

Párová masáž 2 massage parlor in prague for couples

Massage for Couples

Come and join our czech massage therapists together with your partner or book discreet massage service at home or hotel in Prague. Tantric massage is an massage aiming for relaxing, arousal, and connection between two people while focusing on erogenous zones.

Or step into our inviting massage parlour, where soft lighting and soothing music create an ambiance of intimacy and comfort. Our expert therapists are dedicated to ensuring your experience is nothing short of extraordinary, catering to your individual preferences and needs.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply craving quality time with your loved one, our couples' massages promise an indulgent escape. From traditional techniques to innovative therapies, each session is crafted to foster connection and enhance your well-being.

Whether you're locals or visitors exploring the city, our massage parlor for couples offers a haven where you can nurture your bond and create lasting memories.

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Special treatments

Many different tantra massage parlours can now be found throughout Prague, but one of the best-known with the longest tradition and personal approach is our Tantra massage parlour, studio Patricia. Get in touch with us to explore our offers today! We provide some special massages such body to body massage, kashmir massage, lava, tao massage or tantric bath ritual. You can call us or use folowing form to get in touch.

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Choose from a variety of e-vouchers. Czech tantric massage is a full-body massage that focuses on certain chakras to help move energy around the body and to arouse sexual energy. Gift a luxurious massage in Prague with our voucher.

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What is a tantra?

  • Tantric sex is a slow, meditative form of sex where the end goal is not orgasm but enjoying the sexual journey and sensations of the body.
  • Tantra is strongly linked to superlative, ecstatic sex.
  • Tantra sees the body as a temple in which one can enjoy the beauty of life to the fullest.
  • Tantra accepts the body as sacred and desire as a bridge to pleasure, meditation and spiritual ecstasy.

What is tantric massage?

  • Tantra massage is an erotic massage that focuses on the client's erogenous zones and sexual energy.
  • In short, tantra massage includes erotic massage.
  • The massage focuses on the client's erogenous zones and sexual energy.
  • The massage opens the chakra system, respecting the laws of the active chakras: male odd and female even.
  • 1/3 of the total time focuses on an intimate, genital massage.
  • It works with intention, both consciously and becomes a meditation, enlivened by dynamic elements.
  • The article what is tantra / tantric massage gives you more informations on this topic.


What awaits you in the beginning?

  • A cup of tea to get to know each other.
  • We'll discuss any expectations regarding sexy massage.
  • We'll move to the massage room or the bathroom for a shower.
  • We'll begin your erotic massage.
  • After the massage, there will be coffee or tea available.
  • You can also buy massage tools, which you can use at home with your partner.