About erotic massages in our salon

Erotic massages for men

See what awaits you during erotic massage salon in Prague and choose which massage is right for you. Check our curent offers for erotic massages for men.

Erotic massages for women

Surprise your wife with erotic tantric massage for women. This type of massage is specifically designed for women and focuses on the vagina.

Erotic massages for couples

Come and join erotic massage together with your partner. Tantric massage is an erotic massage aiming for relaxing, arousal, and connection between two people while focusing on erogenous zones. Check our tantric massages for couples and book your erotic massge in our salon today.

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What is a tantra?

  • Tantric sex is a slow, meditative form of sex where the end goal is not orgasm but enjoying the sexual journey and sensations of the body.
  • In short, tantra massage includes erotic massage, but erotic massage does not include tantric massage.
  • It is an erotic massage that focuses on the client's erogenous zones and sexual energy.
  • The term Tantra is strongly linked to superlative, ecstatic sex.
  • Tantra is a path towards liberation of the being and sees the physical body as the beginning point of this spiritual quest.
  • It sees the body as a temple in which one can enjoy the true beauty of life to the fullest.
  • Tantra accepts the body as sacred and desire as a bridge to pleasure, meditation, and spiritual ecstasy.

What is tantric massage?

  • Tantric massage, unlike traditional erotic massage, focuses on the whole body.
  • Erotic tantric massage opens the chakra system, respecting the laws of the active chakras: male odd and female even.
  • One third of the total time focus on an intimate, genital massage.
  • It works with intention, both consciously and becomes a meditation, enlivened by dynamic elements
  • For men, it includes a massage of the penis or lingam and a massage of the prostate, the site of the active male 1st chakra, through which men open their heart chakra.
  • For women, in includes a breast massage – the area of the active 4th heart chakra, a massage of the hips, buttocks, and a massage of the female sex - the yoni - from the outside and inside.


What awaits you in the beginning?

  • We'll have a cup of tea and get to know each other.
  • We'll discuss any expectations regarding sexy massage.
  • We'll move to the massage room, or the bathroom for shower.
  • We'll begin your erotic massage.
  • After the massage there will be coffee or tea available.
  • You can also buy massage tools, which you can use at home with your partner.