Exclusive tantric massage

Exclusive tantric massage for women allows you to go even deeper into your feelings and experiences. The massage is given with a level of tenderness and care that you are sure to dream about.

Let yourself relax, without thinking what your partner would like, without having to give in return

What can you look forward to?

  • A ritual of connection between you, the masseuse, and to the universe
  • A sensual lying down ritual to relax your body with hot towels, furs, and feathers
  • Your head and hair will also be massaged, before oil is applied, of course
  • An oil massage using firmer touches will release any blocks you may have and a gentle relaxing preparatory massage
  • Intimate massage, which includes:
  • Gentle massage of the 4th chakra and breasts
  • Genital massage from the outside
  • Vaginal massage from the inside

What will the massage bring you?

  • You will experience the sacredness of tantric massage
  • You will allow yourself total relaxation, switching off the stress and thoughts in your head
  • Experience touch just for yourself, without having to return anything or being pushed into activities for which the time is not ripe.

Our recommendation:

  • -Before the massage, agree on the boundaries of intimacy with the masseuse. For some, a breast massage is already very intimate
  • -It’s your choice. Some of you will welcome a yoni massage from the outside only, some will opt for a full massage with an internal tantric vaginal massage.

For women who love more intensity and a deeper experience, choose a body to body massage.

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