22. 1. 2024

Hello Patricia, ​Glad to write feedback about the massage. It was the best I have experienced ever. 

Your sensual touches energized me and for the first time I opened up. I felt that I opened a gate that I have not dared to open before. I moaned and moved, letting the energy and emotions flow from within. I also felt ​energy flow for me ​and i felt be one in my body and soul. You really wanted me to get to know what Tantra and energy flow were all about. . I felt a wonderful sensation spreading from my lower abdomen upwards. I felt that my body and cells got back many times the energy that had been built up. I was shaking and having contractions. I even recorded myself grinding my teeth for a second or two. This was fantastic Patricia. You were amazing. I look forward to tomorrow and would very much like a similar experience. With lava stones and shoulder massage.​  Ailert