Massage for couples

Treat yourself to a deep experience as a couple, connect your souls and relax your bodies together

with tantric techniques.

Honor each other together in this beautiful ritual for your partnership.

Touch of love

This classic tantric massage will be appreciated by partners and couples who desire for mutual massage experience. Whether you want to experience something new, get closer to your partner physically or energetically or just relax, don't hesitate.

Length Price Note
60 min 4,800 czk (200 €)
90 min 6,000 czk (250 €)
2 hrs 7,000 czk (290 €)
2.5 hrs 8,000 czk (330 €)
3 hrs 9,500 czk (390 €)

Temple of goddess Isis: quarter-day relaxation

Allow yourselves as a couple to experience everything from the art of the tantric massage lasting for 5 hours. You will learn the opening ritual and initiation into some of the tantric couple techniques.

Length Price Note
5 hrs 18,000 czk (740 €)