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Looking for a high-quality Czech tantra spa treatment in Prague?

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in our tantra spa massage centre.

Our tantric massage centre Patricia in Prague is embraced by a mysterious atmosphere and the possibility to find relaxation and encouragement. Indulge in Ultimate Relaxation: Experience Our Preferred Body-to-Body, Yoni for women, and 5-Hour Massages"

If you are tired after your exhausting day, you can choose mobile tantric massage in your hotel room or home in Prague.

Excellent for those who are searching for

  • authentic Czech tantra massage near the city centre
  • life essence and personal development
  • a deep and new way of the pleasure

15 Years of tantric experience

A place where excellent tantra massage therapists can take you out of time and space. Our experience is a guarantee of a high level of massage and the mastery of the connection of ancient Indian art with the modern concept of tantra.


School of tantra massage

April 4, 2024

Enjoy an intense and luxurious tantric massage in Prague Spa

Tantric massage, in general, entails massaging and stimulating a person's entire body, including the genitalia, while engaging in breath work. Come to us to boost your inner self and have an unforgettable experience with our well knows and luxurious tantric massage studio in Prague.

Our Tantric Spa is driven by a passion to deliver rejuvenating and healing massage services in the most authentic and enjoyable manner. You will experience transformation through joy and energy with a full-body massage. We invite you to find your spiritual essence, start your personal development and explore new dimensions of intimacy.

  • you get authentic high-quality full body czech tantra massage in our studio
  • massage in your hotel room or home in Prague with tantra massage specialists
  • you will discover the spirit of ancient Indian tantric tradition combined with a modern concept

Depending on the venue, what happens during a tantric session in your room or spa centre will vary substantially. Tantric massage, in general, entails massaging and stimulating a person's entire body, including the genitalia, while engaging in breath work, meditation, and other spiritual or energy practices. The yoni massage (which focuses on the vulva), the lingam massage (which focuses on the penis), and massaging the sacred spot are all examples of tantric massage (aka the prostate).

If you search for a quiet tantra massage studio near the center of Prague, where you can choose from many variations of types and lengths of massages. Tantric massage center where you will always get the most care and attention. Tantra Patricia is a Prague massage center and a school of spiritual and therapeutic tantra massages in Prague. Join us and get in touch with our massage studio, if you are looking for a spa where true tantra massage takes place.

Why you should try Tantra Massage?

Every tantric massage we do is healing, charging you with positive energy and pleasure for a long time. Tantric massages are for everyone looking for life’s essence, personal development and a new look at their intimacy.

  • For men who, through deep pleasure, open new dimensions of experience.
  • For women who want to open and connect with the wisdom of their own body.
  • For couples looking for a new and deeper connection.