Explore our Prague Tantra Spa or savor mobile tantric massages

Experience An Unforgettable Journey At Our Tantric Massage Studio in Prague

Indulge in an unforgettable journey at our Tantra Spa Massage Center or opt for the luxury of mobile tantric massages delivered to your hotel room or home in Prague, Czech Republic.

Unveiling Tranquility at Prague's Premier Tantra Spa

Nestled within the enchanting ambience of Prague, Tantra Massage Studio Patricia in Prague 9 offers the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Prague Tantra Spa Center

Studio highlights

Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with our preferred body-to-body, full body massage for couple, Yoni massage for women, 4 hands -Lingam massage for men or 5-hour massages.

Ideal for those who are searching for

  • Czech Tantra Massage Service located near the city
  • mobile tantric massage in your hotel room or home in Prague
  • rejuvenating experience


  • life essence and personal development
  • a deep and new way of the pleasure

15 Years of Tantric Experience

With 15 years of tantric experience, we provide a profound and novel approach to pleasure. Our skilled Massage Therapists are adept at transcending time and space, ensuring a superior massage experience. Rest assured, our expertise guarantees mastery in integrating ancient Indian art with contemporary tantra principles.


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Are you in search of a top-notch yet laid-back Czech Tantra Spa Treatment?

Enjoy an intense and luxurious tantric massage in Czech Spa

Experience the transformative power of authentic high-quality full-body Czech tantra massage at our cozy studio in Prague. Our Tantric Spa is dedicated to providing rejuvenating massage services in an authentic and enjoyable manner. Through our massages, you'll discover a renewed sense of joy, energy, and spiritual essence, fostering personal development and intimacy exploration.

Explore our Tantra Spa or savor mobile tantric massages

\Whether you visit our studio or opt for a tantra massage in your hotel room or home in Prague, our tantra massage specialists ensure an unparalleled experience. Combining the spirit of ancient Indian tantric tradition with modern concepts, our sessions encompass full-body stimulation, including genitalia, alongside breath work, meditation, and spiritual practices.

At Tantra Patricia Prague Spa, you can select from various types and lengths of massages. Join us at Tantra Patricia, where true tantra massage thrives, and embark on a journey of spiritual and therapeutic exploration.

What you should know about tantric massages?

Every tantric massage we do is healing, charging you with positive energy and pleasure for a long time. Tantric massages are for everyone looking for life’s essence, personal development and a new look at their intimacy.

  • For men who, through deep pleasure, open new dimensions of experience.
  • For women who want to open and connect with the wisdom of their own body.
  • For couples looking for a new and deeper connection.

No need to search anymore for a top-notch, relaxed Czech Tantra Spa Treatment in Prague. You've found it. Contact us now.