Why come to us

Why come to us

Tantra is not only our profession, it‘s also also our hobby and life mission

  • We really know massage.
  • We give each person the utmost care and our full attention.
  • All of our massage therapists are certified and receive ongoing training.
  • Patricia personally oversees the teaching of the masseuses, the massage quality, and the continuing personal development of each masseuse.
  • The studio owner, Patricia, is a respected figure in esoteric and alternative healing methods.
  • She runs her own school of tantra, meditation, and massage.
  • Patricia is a guarantor of spirituality and tantra in the deep sense of the word.
  • She herself has been educated for a long time abroad and in the Czech Republic by direct disciples of Osho.

We have more than 15 years of experience.

As a person about to experience tantra for the first time, wouldn‘t you rather do this with someone

who has experience and can empathize with your feelings?

Years of practice have taught us that every person is different and we approach each with unique care and empathy.

We are equally familiar with advanced tantric techniques.

Our team here is highly competent – even for the already experienced.

We are close by

It takes only about 10 minutes to reach us from the centre of Prague by metro. The studio less than

200 meters from the Českomoravská metro station. If you come by car, there is plenty of paid

parking spaces directly in front of the building.

Customers keep coming back to us

It is said that the best proof of satisfaction is a returning customer. More than half of our visitors

return to us regularly and they come with words of praise.

We understand you

Don´t you speak Czech? No problem. We willll understand each other anyway. Of course we speak English.

We can also speak German, French, Slovak, and Russian.

We offer many types of massages

Tantra is about imagination and pushing the boundaries. We often provide a new therapy from our

own workshop or we can tailor a massage to your requirements.

Our top level specialty is the 6-hour Temple of the Isis massage, with the added bonus of a four-hand

massage. Patricia´s personal focus is on therapeutic massage-bodywork, body and soul


Enjoy a massage for two

Want to enjoy these intimate moments with your partner? Our masseuses can reveal the hidden

secrets of your own sexual energy that you had no idea of...

We are constantly educating ourselves

All our masseuses and masseurs have been certified after one year of training and are continuously

educating themselves. The proof of our enthusiasm is our own Tantralife Tantra School, where we

train new tantric masseurs. Tantra for us is first and foremost a passion, an activity that we

constantly engage in.

You can conveniently book online

At our website, you will find an online form where you can choose the date and time of a your

massage and, if applicable, the specific masseuse/masseur you prefer.

You can even just call +420 775 781 819

Do you want to get a massage the same day or even within a few hours? Just contact us by phone

instead. We‘ll call you back, even on an international number.

We are discreet

At all times, we require confidentiality from our massage therapists and honor the uniqueness of

each of massage. Of course, we do not share anything, especially as massage therapy is your

confidential and private information.

We use quality oils

Part of a great massage is a quality massage oil. We use natural oils, either coconut or Torf-Ziegler

oils, which nourish the skin and also wash off easily after the massage.