What is tantra?

What is tantra?

  • Tantra is a delicate and deeply attuned path to enlightenment and to experiencing the divine in one's own body.
  • Tantra combines harmony in life and teaches us to find experiences within the touches of our own body that stimulate spiritual development.
  • Tantra is the royal path to liberate the being from all bondages that bring us mental and emotional distress. It sees the physical body as the beginning of a spiritual quest.
  • Tantra is freedom, it does not determine what is wrong or right, it perceives only what is natural and therefore right. Tantra is a spiritual direction. Tantra is not a religion or any dogmatic -ism.
  • Tantra has two pillars. The masculine principle - consciousness. The feminine principle - love and devotion.
  • Tantra understands the body as a temple where one can enjoy the true beauty of life to the fullest.
  • -Tantra accepts the body as sacred and desire as a bridge to pleasure, meditation, and spiritual ecstasy.
  • Many other spiritual movements reject the body, desire, and sex, but Tantra accepts and celebrates all.

Unfortunately, some people condemn Tantra. Either they have had a bad experience or possibly no

Personal experience at all, just heard something negative somewhere. It is a great pity that they are so ignorant in their judgment, for they have not understood that Tantra encompasses wisdom and knowledge about the art of living and it teaches us that everything in the human body, from sexuality to the soul, is divine.

Tantra does not separate spirit from body or sex from spirituality.

This is its uniqueness and the task of all true Tantra teachers and massage studios is to bring this awareness to the people.

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