The most experienced hands around. Patricia established the massage studio in 2006 and she's been taking well care of it since then. It doesn't matter if you choose tantric or classic massage, by all of the types you can be sure that you'll get the best treatment and attention. Her touch will be long remembered.

Yantscha is an optimistic masseuse who exudes positive energy. She pours this energy into your veins through her touches by her special tantric massage approach.

Elis is an energetic and open minded being. She treats every human body with the highest respect and she knows how to use her creative potential during the massage.

Experience a silky touch full of harmony with the goddess of tantric art. Let's change the reality together, let's go back to the roots. Let yourself be carried away with the harmonious presence created by the touch of our Gloria.

Experience warm touches with a loving masseuse Saly. Her welcoming hands will surround you with harmony and happiness. Let yourself be taken on a journey with Salyand enjoy a massage with her as your guide.

Lisa's massage will impress you with its lightness, balance and a strong energy at a same time. She can perfectly empathize into the massage either alone or with another massseuse in case of four-hand massage. Beneath her light touch is deep passion and joy.
Lisa is working again from January 3th - 11th/ 2019

Lena can be unbelievably gentle, sometimes passionate another time dark. She tunes into you and your actual needs and takes you into the depths of your body experience.

Usually, she works on Mondays and Thursdays.

Something for ladies – soft touch full of understanding in which you sense many years of experience. Thanks to knowledge of yoga, tantra and tai-chi you will go through an original and unforgettable massage respecting your needs and desires.

Thanks to the knowledge of yoga, tantra and tai-chi Jiri is an accomplished masseur. With 10 years worth of experience he will make your massage a perfect combination of healing and worshipping of the body and soul. His massage will be unforgettable for both women and men.

Zdeněk is an empathetic tantric masseur, in whose hands you will appreciate a loving touch and attention devoted solely to the client during the entire duration of the massage. Enjoy his experience and sensitivity.