Terms and conditions

Mobile Regeneration and Reconditioning Services

1.Basic provisions

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Business") govern the contractual relationships between:

The provider of mobile regeneration and reconditioning services, Mgr. Vlastou Peková with registered office at Uherská 614, 190 17 Praha 9 – Vinoř, and ID: 71634827, as registered in the Trade Register maintained by the Prague 19 City Office. The business is not registered for VAT.

The activity of the the Business is massage, reconditioning and regeneration services

(hereinafter referred to as the "operator")


Purchasers of the services provided (hereinafter referred to as the "customer")

1.2. The operator provides massages, reconditioning and regeneration services on the basis of a valid trade license and documents certifying professional competence for the performed activities.

1.3 By ordering the service, by means of telephone or email ordering, or by purchasing a gift voucher directly or through an intermediary organization, the customer expresses their consent to the general business terms and conditions of the operator.

2.Health of the customer

2.1. The customer is obliged before ordering the service, or prior to the service being performed, to inform the operator about any health problems or mere doubts about their health problems that will indicate that services may not be performed or may be unsuitable for c customers with health complications. The operator recommends that the customer consult with his or her physician in advance if he or she has any health problems.

2.2. In particular, the operator does not recommend performing a service if the customer suffers from acute inflammation of the joints and muscles, skin rashes, moles, large bruises, tumours, ulcers, open wounds, advanced osteoporosis, fever or elevated temperatures, increased bleeding, bacterial or viral infections, This list is indictive, but not exhaustive.

2.3. Every customer is fully responsible for their health. The operator is not responsible for any health complications that a customer may incur as a result of unannounced or concealed health issues from which the customer suffers, but does not disclose.

3.Ordering a Service

3.1. The customer performs the ordering of the service by making a binding agreement. An order can be made by the customer in the following ways:

a) by phone

b) personally

c) electronically (see Privacy Policy Article 8)

The customer performs the ordering of the services via a request form without registration. (see Privacy Policy.)

When ordering services, it is required that all data provided is correct and accurate. .

3.2. Order at web interface

All presentations of services on the web interface are informative and the provider is not obliged to conclude a contract regarding these services.

The web interface includes information on services including the recommended price of each service. The provider may agree individually negotiated terms.

4.Terms of service and conditions for the provision of massage services

4.1. The service period must be agreed and booked in advance: minimum 3 hours, maximum 1 month.

In case of free capacity, it may be possible to make an appointment with shorter notice.

4.2. The arrangement made is binding. . For the agreed date of the customer visit, the operator agrees to allocate the required service, and for the agreed time slot.

4.3. Reorder

In the case that an appointment has to be cancelled, this cancellation must be notified no less than 24 hours from the time of the appointment.

If the operator does not answer the phone, it is clear that he or she is engaged with another , and that he or she will return the call as soon as available.

Concealed telephone numbers will not be answered: it is better to use an SMS message.

4.4. Inappropriate arrival and non-implementation of a customer service

If the operator arrives at a place agreed upon bythe arrangement made, and the customer does not allow the ordered service to be performed in accordance with the conditions for the provision of the service, it shall be taken into account as being a completed visit, and the customer will be liable for all costs, as per the Price List, as agreed or published.

4.5. Terms of service

Services are provided on the basis of telephone and personal orders in time and at the place agreed with the customer. These services are provided only in domestic, hotel and corporate environmentsand in the premises dedicated to this purpose.

5.Refusal and premature end of tantric massage

The tantric massage (service) may be refused in the following cases:

a) The customer will come to a massage (service) with obvious symptoms of infectious diseases

b) the customer is in a state of suicide or under the influence of addictive substances

c) The customer comes to a massage (service) with health problems of a medical nature

(d) the customer will appear for a massage (service) in an inappropriate hygienic state

e) the customer expresses in an abusive manner during the ordering of the term of the massage (services), that harass the service provider with requests for sexual services.

6.Service pricelist

6.1. The pricelist of the services is available on the web pages and is regularly updated.

6.2 The operator is not registered for VAT , thus the the prices are as stated.

6.3. The price of the service is paid by the customer in advance in the following ways:

  • in cash (we do not accept credit cards as yet)
  • transfer to account
  • gift voucher

6.4. We require a 25% deposit when ordering a massage longer than 3 hours, pairing and 4 hand massages. In case of nonconfirmation 48 hours before the start of the massage, this deposit is forfeited and is used as set out in section 4.4)

6.5. Where a package of procedures are paid in advance, it should be noted that an expiration date applies, which may, for a fee, be extended.

6.6. The term of the gift voucher is indicated on the voucher. The deadline may be extended only before the expiry date and for a fee, as above. After the voucher expires, the service can not be extended or the voucher extended.


7.1. If a customer has a complaint about the services provided, thias complaint must be made promptly and it must be proven that the subject of the complaint is related to a particular misconduct of the operator, in particular regarding the fulfillment of the techniques used and the observance of the agreed time and length of service.

7.2. Complaints should be submitted in writing at the address of the operator or electronically via e-mail.

8.Privacy Policy

8.1. A customer who is a natural person acknowledges that by accepting these terms and conditions he or she agrees to the processing of his personal data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data, as amended "ZOOU").

8.2. The customer agrees that the seller will process the customers’s personal information only to the extent specified below.

8.3. The seller will be in the position of a personal data administrator to process the buyer's personal information listed in the order

  • name, surname, address, e-mail address and buyer's telephone number in electronic form and that
  • for the purpose of preparing a quotation and handling your demand for a service (future performance of the contract)

8.4. Personal data will be processed for the time required by the Accounting Act and will be processed electronically in an automated manner

8.5. The customer confirms that the provided personal data given by the customer is accurate

8.6. Cookies

When browsing the web site, your IP address is recorded, how long you stay on the page and from which page you come from. We consider the use of cookies to track site traffic and the customization of website views as a legitimate interest of the administrator.

You can disable the use of cookies in your browser.

8.7. In addition to the above, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on 25th May 2018, will give you greater rights over your personal data, and requires organisations and businesses to take additional steps to ensure that your personal data are protected. Personal data are information which identifies you or which can be used with other information to identify you. This can include (where applicable) your name, gender, contact details, age profile, health profile and financial details. We generally collect this information directly from you. This information is not shared with any other party, and is kept safely in our office, as in section 8.4, above, to which no third party has access.

If you have any queries in relation to our processing of personal data, please contact us direct. Further, if you do not wish to receive any marketing or special offer details from us, please let us know by email or by SMS message. You can continue to manage your preferences by contacting us.

9.Occupational safety and workplace regulations

9.1. By entering the operator's premises, the customer (or visitor) agrees to his / her duty to observe the safety and risk prevention rules at the operator's workplace and the obligation to observe the safety instructions of the operator or service masseur.

10.Final provisions

10.1. Responsibility for the consequences

I, Vlasta Peková, declare that I do not bear any responsibility for the consequences and complications that could hinder the security and the effects of the service, directly or indirectly, by concealing important facts about the current health or psychological state of the client.

10.2. If the relationship involves an international element, then the relationship is governed by Czech law. This is without prejudice to consumer rights resulting from generally applicable legislation.

10.3. If any provision of the Terms of Business is invalid or ineffective, or becomes so, instead of invalid clauses, a provision will be enforced to the extent that the purpose of the invalid clause is as close as possible. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one provision is without prejudice to the validity of the other provisions.