Massages for women

Woman-Shakti, discover your desires and love for yourself. Celebrate your body, the flow and the

infinity of touch.

Indulge in the joy and fullness of a moment when you can only receive and open

yourself to a loving touch.

Choose the right length and variation of our gentle and sensual massages for your relaxation

Classic tantra massage

Choose the classical “Shakti” tantric massage for women and let yourself be carried away into a world of different perception. Tantra massage with its introductory ritual, gentle techniques, oil massage, and intimate yoni massage is truly a "classic" that never gets old and yet has always something new and surprising. You will experience the joy that is transmitted through our touch.

Length Price Note
90 min 3,000 czk (130 €)
90 min 3,300 czk (140 €) with anal massage
2 hrs 4,000 czk (170 €)

Exclusive tantric massage

Exclusive treatment including yoni massage is a spiritual ritual that awakens your body sexually. Exclusive tantric massage for women allows you to go even deeper into your feelings and experiences. The massage is given with a level of tenderness and care that you are sure to dream about.

Length Price Note
2.5 hrs 5,000 czk (210 €)
3 hrs 6,000 czk (250 €)
3.5 hrs 7,000 czk (290 €)
4 hrs 7,800 czk (320 €)

Angelic relaxation massage

The angelic massage includes all the popular elements and procedures of tantric massage, but does not include an intimate yoni massage.

Length Price Note
60 min 1,800 czk (75 €)
90 min 2,500 czk (100 €)
2 hrs 3,400 czk (135 €)

Shakti de luxe: massage with bath

Want something extra for the Tantric Massage? Do you like to relax in the water, scented with the essential oils where you care for yourself? Then choose a luxurious massage with a bath.

Length Price Note
3 hrs 7,000 czk (290 €) bathtub necessary at hotel
3.5 hrs 8,000 czk (330 €) bathtub necessary at hotel
4 hrs 9,000 czk (370 €)

Shakti four-hand

Are you looking for a massage that will offer you an intense experience and will not leave you for a moment to breathe out of pleasant feelings? Then a 4-hand tantric massage is created for you. In the massage, quieter strokes alternate with the more intense, and you will feel the different touches all over your body.

Length Price Note
60 min 4,800 czk (200 €)
90 min 5,500 czk (230 €)
2 hrs 6,700 czk (280 €)

Temple of goddess Isis: quarter-day relaxation

Do you want to feel as a queen during pampering?

Indulge in the best of the art of tantra, devote yourself to the gradual awakening of all senses. If so, try our longest massage - the Massage Temple of the Goddess Isis and enjoy the five-hour relaxing and healing, pleasure of the senses when you embrace all the senses of this massage.

Length Price Note
5 hrs 9,000 czk (370 €)
6 hrs 10,000 czk (410 €)

Package of healing tantric massages

Do you want to reach the peak of bliss? Have you enjoyed the effects of tantric massage and its depths of feelings so much to you that you would like to experience more? Do you want to enjoy more tantric therapy and learn to experience more pleasure? We have prepared a great offer of massages for women.

Length Price Note
12,500 czk (520 €) 3 massages
16,000 czk (660 €) 5 massages
21,000 czk (870 €) 7 massages