Prostate massage

Prostate therapy with anal massage

The prostate is the heart of male sexuality. Harmonize your body with luxury prostate massages in Prague and give yourself a new feeling sensation with a surprising prostate healing benefit.

What can you expect from a tantra prostate therapy?

This adventure starts with an energetical connection, a massage of the lower back, back and legs. We activate as well acupuncture prostata points on your feet. This unique technique induces a unique arousal and wave of sensations similar to a female orgasm.

Gradually, the masseuse will shift to the pelvic area and buttocks these muscles are completely relaxed. She will then move on to a special massage of the anal area (rosette massage) as to internal massage which stimulates the prostate with very professional and very vocational movement.

In both the 105-minute and 2-hour versions, the lingam is also massaged, enabling you to feel the small “energy circuit“ created between the lingam and the prostate. For a prostate massage alone, without including the lingham, choose the basic 60-minute Prostate Massage.

To more fully feel your masculinity, even its hidden aspects, explore the "male G-spot" and discover new sensations from within your body. Give your prostate health a boost and enjoy unparalleled pleasure at the same time. Prostate massage in our salon is provided only by qualified masseuses.

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What Are the Different Types of Prostate Massages we offer?

Prostate Essentials

60-minute experience (without the intimate lingam massage). The initial focus is external, as your masseuse caresses the pelvic area, hips, inner thighs and buttocks before she begins the internal prostate massage.

Exclusive Long Prostate Massage with Tantra (Lingam included)

You can look forward to an extended internal prostate massage with all the elements of a tantric massage. This comprehensive massage has its special focus on the lower torso buttocks and anal area and, of course, includes a lingam.

Everything you need to know about the this massage prostata therapy

This anal massage therapy lasts 105 minutes and consists of Tantra Basic massage with emphasis on relaxing your pelvis, bottom, special anal massage (with your agreement )an inner massage of the prostate. We add 20 minutes (comparing to the time for a Tantra Basic massage) to be able to relax these areas completely.

It is performed very softly and sensitively after relaxing the whole pelvis and bottom area. Besides the beneficial effects you can experience intensive exciting impulses inside your body similar to a feminine orgasm.

Benefits of prostate therapy

Not all men will experience problems due to prostate growth. However, infection, inflammation, benign enlargement and cancer can become an issue as the prostate grows.

Prostate massage increases blood flow to your prostate, releases prostate fluids and flushes toxins out of the prostate and out of your body. This massage is highly therapeutic as it helps maintains the elasticity of your prostate. It is suitable as a regular and highly pleasant preventive step against prostate-related diseases.

Prostate massage can also reduce inflammation of the prostate and relieve the symptoms of incontinence, as well as condition like Lower Urinary Tract Infection e.g. frequent urination, stop-and-go urination, dribbling and frequent urination at night. Regular healing prostate massage can keep your prostate healthy, preventing inflammation by accumulated toxins. 

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