Massage for men

Book oil massage service straight to your Prague hotel room

Try professional full body oil massage home service in Prague. High-quality, non-allergenic massage oils are typically used. The choice of oil can add to the sensory experience.Discover tantric sexuality with one of our masseuse and book your tantric massage for males straight to your home or hotel room. Private Prague tantric hotel treatment with oil for men is a full-body relaxation massage provided in Prague hotels and homes that focuses on certain chakras to move energy throughout the body. You can order now a private massage straight to your hotel room or your home in Prague. Revitalize with the best hotel spa services in Prague at reasonable prices and enhance your Prague hotel room experience with an amazing relaxing male massage.

Tantric Therapists

Our team of highly trained tantra massage therapists offers a variety of private tantric massages for men. We help you unwind and relax from day to day stress of life. Discover the power of your essential energy to awaken your inspiration and vitality and lead you to another dimension of experience. Choose from our tantric men massages designed for special man who want to explore full body orgasm with expert Therapists for ultimate relaxation.

Visit our Prague massage parlour

Visit Tantra Patricia for best oil massage for men in Prague. Let us take care of you and help you relax your body, mind and soul in our Prague massage parlour. Revitalize your body with the best spa services in Prague at reasonable prices. You will never be the same after our unique treatments! Revitalize your body with the best spa services in Prague for men at reasonable prices. You can call us or book online one of our professional private massages tailored to your needs.

Oil benefits

  • Relaxation: Oil massage helps relax the muscles and calm the nervous system.
  • Improved Circulation: The massaging action stimulates blood flow.
  • Nourishment of the Skin: The oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Detoxification: The massage may aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

It's important to approach any form of massage with mindfulness, respect, and a commitment to clear communication. If you are interested in exploring tantra oil massage, consider seeking out from our qualified professionals who approach these practices with a holistic and ethical perspective.

BASIC Tantric Massage

First intimate massage

Your body and lingam will receive worship, appreciation, attention, and loving care during this intimate men's massage. This relaxing body massage is an invitation to open your sexuality to new horizons and is perfect for tantric beginners.

Length Price Note
60 min 2,200 czk (90 €)
75 min 2,700 czk (110 €) with prostate massage

CLASSIC male tantra massage

Luxury massage

Longer male massage is very popular. Open your senses to the fullest with the conscious flow of life energy. The ritual of honouring your body is like a true work of art. Imagine sexuality that connects spirit, psychology, body and mind. Orgasm is not the goal of this massage, but it is not suppressed or forbidden.

Length Price Note
90 min 3,300 czk (135 €)
90 min 3,600 czk (145 €) with prostate massage
2 hrs 4,300 czk (180 €)

EXCLUSIVE tantric massage

Long full body massage

In addition to ritual, oil massage, and genital massage, it also includes anal and prostate massages, enabling participants to ride the waves of energy and experience their peaks and valleys. This long full-body massage for men gives you the best pleasure you might not imagine yet.

Length Price Note
2.5 hrs 5,200 czk (220 €)
3 hrs 6,200 czk (260 €)
3.5 hrs 7,000 czk (290 €)
4 hrs 8,000 czk (330 €)

Lingam tantric massage

Tantric lingam penis massage

A lingam massage is a tantric sex practice focused on massaging the penis. This massage is highly recommended for advanced men – the shivas - in Tantra. It is the most intense tantric massage that you can have with us.

Length Price Note
60 min 3,000 czk (130 €)
90 min 3,700 czk (150 €)
2 hrs 5,000 czk (210 €)

Prostate massage

Prostate therapy with anal massage

The prostate is the heart of male sexuality. Harmonize your body with luxury prostate massages in Prague and give yourself a new feeling sensation with a surprising prostate healing benefit.

Length Price Note
60 min 2,500 czk (100 €) Healing prostata massage
105 min 3,900 czk (160 €) Includes lingam + prostate massage

Shiva de luxe: relax tantric massage with bath

Learn for a moment to relax

Relaxation massage has calming effects and positive effects on the human psyche. Exclusive tantric massage lasting for 3,5–4 hours. This is a full tantric massage for men similar to a shorter variant of Shiva massage, it consists extra hot tantric bath which takes place prior to the massage itself.

Length Price Note
3 hrs 7,500 czk (300 €) bathtub necessary at hotel
3.5 hrs 8,500 czk (340 €) bathtub necessary at hotel
4 hrs 9,000 czk (370 €)

Shiva in paradise: four-hand tantric massage

4-hands tantra massage

Four hands on your body? Yes, as in paradise, now you can feel like a Prague king. This is the way men – our clients – feel after a 4 handed massage when 2 beautiful and perfectly coordinated masseuses are a pure delight for the body and soul.

Length Price Note
60 min 4,800 czk (200 €)
90 min 6,000 czk (250 €)
2 hrs 7,200 czk (300 €)
2.5 hrs 8,200 czk (340 €)
3 hrs 9,200 czk (380 €)

Sensual massage

Do you want to enjoy the loving touches of tantric massage, but for some reason do you not want to go through the whole intimate massage? That's why a delicate and sensitive sensual massage combines all the practices of tantric massage of the whole body, however, a tantric massage in the intimate areas is not included.

Length Price Note
60 min 2,000 czk (80 €)
90 min 2,800 czk (115 €)

Temple of goddess Isis: quarter-day relaxation

A quarter-day relaxation and treat for your body and soul. This is a massage lasting for 5 or 6 hours for men. Experience the best from tantra and tantric massage. Meet your Goddess who will guide you through the secret desires of your senses and will help you to feel all the basic elements on your body: strength of water, heat of fire, safety of earth and lightness of air.
Make all your senses active!

Length Price Note
5 hrs 9,200 czk (380 €)
6 hrs 10,200 czk (420 €)

Package of healing tantric massages

Holistic healing massages

Do you want to reach the peak of bliss? Have you ever enjoyed the effects of holistic massage therapy? Would you like to experience more? Do you want to experience more pleasure? We have prepared a great offer of healing therapy for men. The length of one treatment is 2.5-3 hours.

Length Price Note
13,500 czk (560 €) 3 massages
21,000 czk (840 €) 5 massages
30,000 czk (1,200 €) 7 massages