Special massages

These types of massages are suitable for both men and women.

They include advanced techniques that will enrich your experience of touch through massage.

Body to body massage

Indulge in the exquisite and intimate experience of our body-to-body massage, a unique fusion of shiatsu, nuru massage, reiki, and tantra techniques. Tailored for both men and women, this personalized artistic approach combines skilful touches with the rhythmic harmony of spiritual music, creating a profoundly beautiful and deeply connected massage.

Length Price Note
60 min 3,400 czk (140 €)
90 min 4,300 czk (180 €)

Art massage

Do you like a stronger and faster type of massage? Are you in a hurry and you can not relax well? Then choose our Art massage which is performed to the rhythm of captivating music.

Length Price Note
30 min 1,500 czk (60 €)
45 min 1,800 czk (75 €)
60 min 2,000 czk (80 €)
75 min 2,400 czk (95 €)

Lava stones tantric massage

The combination of lava stones and tantra massage is according to our experience one of the best therapies for overall relaxation of the body. This massage is considered to be an "energy bomb", which creates a feeling of great relaxation along with the coming and the increasing feeling of recharging our life energyinto the following days.

Length Price Note
100 min 3,500 czk (150 €)
130 min 4,700 czk (200 €)

Kashmir massage

Kashmir Massage is the icing on the cake for connoisseurs of Tantra and Sensual massage. Kashmir Massage brings a new level to our services in Prague.

It is more tactile than other Tantra massages, more connected to music, making maximum use of breath potential. There is a strong connection with the tantric approach to sensuality and enjoyment.

The movements of the hands and arms during the massage are protracted and slow, alternating with energetic movements and often resemble to play on the Rudraveena - Indian musical instrument.

Length Price Note
90 min 3,400 czk (140 €)
2 hrs 4,500 czk (190 €)
2.5 hrs 5,400 czk (220 €)

Tao massage

Tao massage is a special diamond among all massages. You can enjoy your physical and emotional self being relaxed not only by firm touch but also by soft, peaceful and sensitive strokes.

Length Price Note
2 hrs 4,500 czk (190 €)

Tantric bath

Thanks to the ritual of tantric essential bath, you will be surrounded by care and the aroma of fragrant essences, and you will relax from all of your worries.

A combination of hot baths and a warm massage from the hands of an experienced masseuse will release your body and mind.

Length Price Note
30 min 2,000 czk (85 €) only with a massage