Tao massage

You will be astonished by the natural and simple flow of this massage.

Tao massage works by moving just the tiny nuts and bolts inside your body with the effect of creating a deep sense of relaxation.

Tao massage is a special diamond among all massages. You can enjoy your physical and emotional self being relaxed not only by firm touch but also by soft, peaceful and sensitive strokes. You will be astonished by the natural and simple flow of this massage.

The origin of this unique massage comes from a thousand years experience of taoism. It activates jing and jang channels which are situated on the front and back part of the body. Touches and techniques of the tao massage have rather descriptive titles being both poetic and practical including, for example, Opening the Gate of the Spine, Pounding the Front Gates of the Crimson Palace, Harmonizing Fire & Water, Greeting the Five, wattering the flower, Awakening the Dragon etc.

The work of the masseur passes directly into your energetic centers. The tao massage works on three energetic system levels:

  • The fire of source – in the area of pelvis
  • The palace of karma – in the area of heart
  • The cave of spirit – in the area of head and neck and third eye

Give yourself the gift of tao massage. It might be the beginning of taking your body seriously by listening to it and with the intent to change something for the better. The space for healing your physical and psychic blocks will be opened through the sensation of selfcommitment and safety.

Shortly: What is tao?

Tao means The way and taoism is an ancient practice developed by thousands of years of life sciences. It deals with all of the aspects of life - health, balance of jin and jang, balanced diet, acupuncture, work of our inner self and sexuality. 

Our tao massage does not involve acupuncture.

John Hawken is an leading teacher of Tao massage in The Czech Republic. He created this massage technique on the basis of his long-term personal experiences. He chose the most significant touches and strokes from the wide range of tao techniques and improved upon them having regard to our way of living and thinking.

Massage studio Tantra Patricia has received the direct support and endorsement of John Hawken to practise this massage.

Healing herbal tao massage

Beside an original tao massage we also includes a massage with herbal sachets whose heat and herbal essences can relax your body, mind and spirit even further.

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