Tantric bath

Thanks to the ritual of tantric essential bath, you will be surrounded by care and the aroma of fragrant essences, and you will relax from all of your worries.

A combination of hot baths and a warm massage from the hands of an experienced masseuse will release your body and mind.

The tantric way of life encompasses pleasure in all senses and it is recognised that satisfying the body allows the spirit to be free which allows it to expand.

Your masseuse will treat you with the greatest honour - lathering and soaping you all over your body in a way that is sensuous and relaxing.

What you can look forward for

  • As you're immersed in a bath of warm water with essential oils, sea-salts and soft bubbles you're gently bathed in the style of Tantric Bath Ceremony.
  • Peeling is carried out with alkaline salt of high quality, which will help to deacidify and regenerate the skin.
  • Oil massage with special bath oil includes deep back and neck massage, feet, hands and hands.
  • Water will be lovingly poured over your entire body, while your neck and shoulders are lovingly massaged.
  • Once your tantric bath ceremony has been completed, you will be dried with soft and fluffy towels.
  • For women, we use Cleopatra's whey sweetener with rose or honey.

What will the massage bring ?

Every time you need to relax and relieve stress, there is nothing better than booking a three or four-hour session and enjoy being touched, massaged, bathed, and caressed by experienced beautiful therapists.


You can also enjoy only this bath, which is known as Soap massage in many foreign countries.

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