Lava stones tantric massage

This is one of the best therapies for overall relaxation of the body.

The combination of the two massages, which initially involves heat from the lava stones to your body, the area of ​​the chakra centers and the meridians, and thereafter the energy of the Tantric Massage takes over. This massage is considered to be an ‚energy bomb‘, which creates a feeling of great relaxation along with the coming and the increasing feeling of recharging our life energy into the following days.

What you can look forward to

A shorter (100 minutes) and longer (130 minute) massage both include:

  • an introductory ritual,
  • 10 - 15 minute warming stones for total body warming and calming,
  • professional lava stones massage in the back, hands and feet.,
  • an intimate massage follows after the lava stones treatment ends.

This massage is performed only on massage table not on futon.

We recommend relaxing with a cup of tea after the massage.


Lava stone massage is considered to be more seasonal, it is most popular in the cold winter months, and in early spring and late autumn. Combined with tantric massage, we recommend it for its powerful energy effect at any time. Do not choose this massage if you are hypersensitive to heat or if you do not feel well or migraine outbreak may occur, as massaging lava stones would bring on the effect. It is also not suitable during menstruation.

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