Package of healing tantric massages

Do you want to reach the peak of bliss? Have you enjoyed the effects of tantric massage and its depths of feelings so much to you that you would like to experience more? Do you want to enjoy more tantric therapy and learn to experience more pleasure? We have prepared a great offer of massages for women.

Experience your peaks and valleys during tantric therapy.

What to look forward to

Each therapy is tailored individually to you and your current feelings and always contains 3 parts in different proportions:

  • Bodywork - working with the body as a basic therapeutic part.
  • Tantric massage section.
  • Meditation part (active or passive meditation) or body-mind.

The length of one treatment is 2.5 - 3 hours

What massage will bring you

Regularly repeating the therapy package will extend the perception of your inner feelings, increase your sensitivity and also extend the capacity for the amount of pleasurereceived. You will also understand the principles of energy work. By continually removing blocks in your body and psyche, you will become happier and livelier.

Massage rules

  • The package must be purchased as a whole by the client, who is primarily interested in further engagement and exploration of working with their own basic energy.
  • The package should be completed only with one selected masseur or masseuse.

​​​​​​​The package does not only include massage, but also different types of therapies.

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