Tantric massage basic

Enjoy a classic tantric massage and allow yourself to be worshiped standing up and lying down, with feathers, fur gloves, oil, ritual washing as well as the feeling of sensual female palms. Your body and lingam will receive worship, appreciation, attention, and loving care during this massage.

Tantric massage is an invitation for you to open and expand your sexuality to new horizons.

Are you ready to penetrate the secrets of tantra?
Discover its magic through the essence of a tantric massage with its special rituals of standing and lying.
Then indulge in a full-body oil massage, administered by the sensitive hands of the masseuse .

What you can look forward to

  • Indulge in a calming yet energized connection with the masseuse at the beginning during the standing ritual. 7
  • This ritual opens up a unique space in which to experience your tantric massage.
  • Lying down, you will then enjoy full-body relaxation under the loving hands of the masseuse
  • .And you're sure to be looking forward to a special intimate massage, known in Tantra as a lingam, or penis massage.

What will the massage bring you?

  • Relaxation and the unwinding of both body and mind
  • You will feel hot fire and goosebumps as you dive into your inner self.
  • This special sequence teaches you to experience your awakened energy in a new and different way.If you receive this massage regularly you will learn how to work with your breathing and pelvic energy and how to control your orgasm.
  • Tantric massage is an invitation for you to open and expand your sexuality to new horizons.

Our recommendation

  1. A short prostate massage can be part of the basic tantric massage, increasing the total length of this massage to 75 minutes.
  2. For massages longer than 2 hours, prostate care can be included. You can also try the Prostate Massage, which focuses on a longer stimulation of this important organ.
  3. If you're looking for the ultimate in massage intensity and experience, choose the Body to Body Massage - a massage given through direct body contact.
  4. If you are experienced in riding a heightened wave of sexual energy, choose the advanced Tantric Lingam Massage.
  5. Tantric Massage for Two includes a Tantric Massage for Men and Tantric Massage for Women, which can be enjoyed together as a couple.

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