EXCLUSIVE tantric massage

Long full body massage

In addition to ritual, oil massage, and genital massage, it also includes anal and prostate massages, enabling participants to ride the waves of energy and experience their peaks and valleys. This long full-body massage for men gives you the best pleasure you might not imagine yet.


The massage table is warm, the light is soft and you are met with warmth, quality oils, long gentle strokes, soft music and lots of loving gentle touch. With this long ritual massage for men, there is greater attention to the man’s more intimate parts of his body and we work with the energy in this area. Experience your inner energy in waves while receiving an exclusive tantric massage.

The advanced exclusive tantric Shiva massage is designed specifically for men - Shiva. Unlike a traditional tantric massage for men, this has much more time spent massaging the intimate areas, cultivating and distributing this awakened sexual male energy throughout the body.

What you can look forward to

  • Exclusive tantric massages are offered in length variations between 2.5 and 4 hours.
  • During this time, every part of your body will be massaged.
  • With more time, you will experience more exciting moments and sexual self-discovery.
  • The advanced massage sequence is a highly developed art of touch in full attention, where you are constantly riding the waves of pleasure.
  • This ritual massage also includes, at your request, anal massage, prostate massage, and the “fourth dimension” massage, where you will be massaged on your face, mouth, nose, and ears.

Exklusive tantric massage for men

What this massage will bring you

  • Detachment from the ordinary world.
  • Delay or skip orgasm, plus it will provide you with extra pleasure.
  • You will learn to experience an internal orgasm.
  • Benefits for your partner {regular massages can lead to greater sexual performance}.

Our recommendation for any men

A maximum tantric massage experience may come immediately during the first visit, but it is better not to expect too much. It may take time to focus completely on receiving and discovering yourself through pleasure. When men are truly interested in Tantra, they book regularly longer massages with us, because with regular visits, you will learn to work with your breath and control your energy in the pelvis, including delayed orgasms.

Discover exclusive long tantric full body massage for men in Prague studio or your hotel room. Tantric massages of 2.5 to 4 hours are designed specifically for men who want to experience the fullest extent of what can be experienced in a tantric massage.

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