A massage with Tara is always memorable because each one is original and full of energy. You will feel the joy, sensuality and flowing stream of life energy for a very long time.

Ride the wave of sensual, warm energy with Tara

Tara perceives you when you come, how you radiate energy and she can sense what you need and what will be the best for you.

With her touches she can dissolve the blocks, make emotions more fluid. Sadness turns to positive energy and the joy of managing different life situations.

Patricia says about Tara

Tara will give you a gentler massage and sensual touches. She feels how to provide an exceptional experience for every client.

Tara is not a newcomer, she worked for me for 5 years when I first opened my massage studio.

Tara is receptive to details and can create a pleasant atmosphere for you with candles, warmth and music.

Tara says about herself

I like how I feel when something excites me. I become brilliant, I change my expression, I have power, I have energy, I feel myself in the flow of life and I know I'm on the right path.

Then everything is thriving, I meet interesting people and nice things are happening to me. The energy I give returns to me several times. I'm smiling and I'm happy - I feel good. Just as if I was in love. This has happened only a few times in my life, it definitely happened when I first started massage at Patricia’s studio.

I am happy to help people take a stressful and resilient massage while they are relaxing, humble, enjoying the ordinary little things in life. From my own experience I know that some massage is so unique that you remember it for a very long time.


2011 Tantralife. School of tantra massage

2018 Refit. School of classical massage

2019 Taraka Solei - Path of the Soul

2016-2018 Karaimi - Sacred Grace of Womanhood. Partnerships.

2017 Komala - The Power of Voice


  • Tantric massage (60min-4hrs)
  • Couple massage
  • Four-hand massage
  • Body to body massage


  • Czech
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German

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