Body to body massage

Special personal art of tantric massage using shiatsu and tantra techniques and touches to the rhythm of spiritual music.

What you can expect

Massage with body is one of the most beautiful and contactful massages. Special personal art for men and women using shiatsu, nuru massage, reiki and tantra techniques and touches to the rhythm of spiritual music. Tantra Patricia Studio has its own first and unique form of this massage and it is necessary one must observe certain rules. The most important of which is: “If you are receiving massage, remain the receiver”


You will completely lose yourself during this massage. You will forget all your troubles and hardships.


  • Shakti can dance around and on your body only when you respect her and when she feels safe with your energy; only then can she unfold all the potential of her art.
  • If you are ok with this rule, try one of our best massages, which is provided on the floor on a futon mattress. After that you will return home like a new man.
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