Temple of goddess Isis: quarter-day relaxation

You will experience the opening ritual, initiation into one of the tantric couple techniques.

Allow yourselves as a couple to experience everything from the art of the tantric massage lasting for 5 hours. You will learn the opening ritual and initiation into some of the tantric couple techniques.

What you can expect

Then you will relax in a hot tantric bath. At this time loving care will be taken during the massage to all parts of your body. No part of of your body will be overlooked. You will be massaged in several positions. Part of this ritual is work with all your senses, including your taste. For men there is a speciality of the big draw and for women the tantric massage according to Cashmere tradition.


  • In your reservation please choose if you want to have the massage separately, or together in the same room
  • Let us know, whether you want two masseuses or a massaging couple.

Reservation in advance is necessary.

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