Master of Massage. Expert of tantra and tantra teacher. Studio owner.

Are you looking for a joyful, recharging, and healing massage? Patricia conveys a mysterious tantric message through her hands. There is energy, ecstasy, tenderness and love in her touch, the essence of a lifetime's tantric journey and the experience from a lifetime of massage practice.


  • All kinds of tantric massage
  • Healing tantric massage
  • Lingam peak-valley massage.

Patricia is not usually listed in our calendar. You can schedule in advance your massage with her via telephone or email.


  • Partnership massage by one masseuse
  • All kinds of tantric massage
  • Healing tantric massage
  • Prostate healing.
  • Lingam peak-valley massage.
  • Temple of Isis 5 hour massage.

She says of herself

Tantra is my life path, my mission, profession, and hobby. It is a way of finding joy and energy in life. I enjoy the interplay of polarities and the energy that flows to me when giving a massage. Tantra is a word with a sacred energy that I bring to each of my massages. I see Tantric massage as a meeting on the level of the Goddess and God, and feel with my hands the joys and pains stored in each client’s body.

I can lovingly dissolve blocks that weigh you down and limit you. In addition, it is my intention that the recipient takes away from each massage a sense of freshness, joy, rejuvenation and optimism for the days ahead, in addition to a deeply relaxing and spiritual experience. I give you a sacred healing touch.


  • 2012-2016 Soulmate, Tantra school by Sarita, 500hrs trainee
  • Tantric training Sacred body, passionate spirit - John Hawken – 2009/2010
  • Deeper Tissue Therapy. ATOK Ústí n. Labem - Cahal Flynn – 2008
  • Professional training of tantric massage - Tantraworld, Denisa and Richard – 2005/2006
  • Reflex therapy school - Patakys – 2005
  • Dorn method, Breuss massage - Prouzová/Púry – 2005
  • Maseur for sport and recondition massage
  • Massage school Refit – 2004

Self developement courses

  • Soulmate, 4 years trainee by Sarita (2012- now)
  • Dark Eros, John Hawken 2012
  • Advanced Tantra Trainee, John Hawken, Skydancing Tantra 2011/2012
  • Trauma constalation, Radim Ress 2011
  • Mohendjodaro, Lažánky 2009
  • Working with sexuality, John Hawken 2008
  • Thai massage, Chakra massage, Thajsko 2008
  • Family constelations

Spoken languages

  • Czech
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Français

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