What is a healing massage?

Using touch and words, she helps you relax your body and mind and dissolves your blocks.

Therapeutic tantric massage works with several different principles and techniques. It can be gentle, almost butterfly-like, but also harder in order to loosen blockages in the tissues, muscles, and mind...

I choose the combination according to what the recipient needs at the moment for their healing.

With this massage, there is usually communication because there is a need to balance the effect.

My specialty is bioenergetic spinal massage and deep tissue massage, which are done with strong pressure on the deeper layers so that the tendons and nerves are also touched. This massage is particularly effective, shorter and efficient, and can be part of your healing relaxation.

Therapeutic Tantra massage works with gentle techniques, with words, touch, as well as harder touches to deeper layers of the body tissues. It must be performed in a safe atmosphere by an experienced and professional tantra therapist