Jantsha is an optimistic tantric masseuse who exudes positive energy. She has long experience. She pours this energy into your veins through her touches by her special tantric massage approach. You find her monday - thursday in the studio. Jantscha communicate basic english.

  • Tantric massage (1-6 hours)
  • BDSM massage
  • Four-hand massage
  • Body to body
  • Couple massage

Smiling, joyful and sensual.


  • Tantric massage (1-5 hours)
  • Tantric bath
  • Four-hand massage
  • Body to body
  • BDSM massage

Patricia says about Jantsha

Yantscha is a sensual and sensitive native Czech woman, who at first glance reflects her positive emotions. During her massage you will appreciate the joy of touching and massage.

Yantscha gives you the ultimate tantric massage experience. Her favorite massage is body to body. Yantscha speaks only Czech, but you can make an appointement through Patricia.

Jantsha says about herself

The biggest reward for me is when the client leaves after my massage happy and relaxed. I give a special sparkling charge to massage, which I put in my touches. I like to massage every part of a man‘s body and I love baths and precise body massage points.


  • 2015 Tantra Massage Workshop in Tantra
  • 2019- 2020 Tantra masssage school Tantralife by Patricia
  • 2014 Maseur for sport and reconditioning massage - Massage school Refit
  • 2014 Bali massage

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