Studio of Spiritual Therapeutic Tantric Massages
Czech Republic

Are you looking for a tantric massage of the highest quality?
A studio where you can be certain your masseuse really knows how to provide a genuine Tantric Massage?
A place where an experienced pratictioner, who has spent years in the study of Tantra, can bring you out of space and time to a whole new personal level?

Our 15 years of experience is your guarantee of a high level of massage and mastery of the connection between the ancient Indian art and the modern concept of Tantra.

At Tantra Patricia, choose from dozens of different types of massages and you will always receive the utmost care and attention.
Every tantric massage in our studio is healing for your soul, and will charge you with positive energy and pleasure for a long time.

Massages at Trantra Patricia are for everyone looking for the life essence, personal development and a new look at the own intimacy.
For men who are open to new dimensions through deep pleasure.
For women who want to connect with the wisdom of their body.
For couples looking for something new and deep to connect them.

Why to us?

  • We really provide genuine tantric massages
  • Tantra is not just our profession, but also our hobby and life mission
  • We give each of you the utmost care and attention
  • All our masseuses and masseurs are certified, and continually study the tantric arts
  • Patricia personally oversees the quality of the training of our masseuses and masseurs and their ongoing personal development
  • Patricia is an acclaimed person in the field of esoteric, and alternative methods of healing
  • She runs her own tantra school of meditation and tantra massage.
  • Patricia is your guarantor of spirituality and tantra in the true sense of the word, having studied for a long time with pupils of Master Osho