Something for ladies – soft touch full of understanding in which you sense many years of experience. Thanks to knowledge of yoga, tantra and tai-chi you will go through an original and unforgettable massage respecting your needs and desires.


  • Tantric massage
  • Tao massage
  • Couples massage
  • Individuál massage and healing
  • Leading of courses and tantric workshops Tantralife
  • Organization in studio, massage music

Patricia about Vítek

He has soft and sensitive palms and beautiful heart. His massage will open an absolutely safe space for you, in which you can really relax. His touch is full, intensive and strong in a manly manner in places where it is needed. It is kind and understanding and exactly senses the places where the need of tenderness is. With Vítek it is sure that you always land safely when you take off.

Tells about himself

Ten years ago, the desire for pleasure and delight led me to books on Tantra, which is a combination of male and female principles, and is the scope for developing both on the personal and partnership levels. Tantra is the royal road to liberation, pulling together the earth and heaven in us, bringing us to the sacred sexuality as a wonderful source of positive energy with great potential. But unfortunately most of us don't make use of it.

During the past seven years I have participated in many tantric workshops and met with some of the finest teachers. Particular thanks goes to one of those who influenced me the most, John Hawken, where I attended a two-year Tantra training and subsequent training in traditional shamanic healing of the Native American people. Since last year, I've been practicing the Tai Chi Yang, where I found the essence of practically utilizing the flexibility and power of the principles involved in relaxation with combat elements.

I am happy when I see a common plane connecting various systems and try to use the best of them for further development.


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  • Czech
  • Deutsch
  • English

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