Dana is a wonderful personality, a loving goddess who is happy when her massage delivers love, joy and tenderness. She is a sharing, sincere and open creature. Professionally, Dana has been practicing Tantra since 2016.

Specialization of masseuse

  • Tantra massage for men and women.
  • Points to points.
  • Tantric massage with lava stones.
  • Tantric baths.

She says about herself

From my childhood, I knew I was different from the others, I felt there was more to life than just a busy boring consumer life, and I wanted to know something more, I was looking for myself. It was a wonderful feeling to finally find myself, to be myself, to know whom I am, why I am, everything suddenly fits in. I'm not looking anymore, I've found, I'm just living, I feel, I rejoice, I'm laughing, I'm experiencing amazing moments, I feel the energy, the beauty and the love around me, just look around ...


  • Czech.
  • English.

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