Shiva: extended tantric massage

With this massage there is greater attention to the man’s more intimate parts of his body and we work with the energy in this area.

What can you expect

Full tantric massage lasting for 2 – 4 hours designed especially for a man – the Shiva. This classic tantric massage includes anal massage and massage of the prostate and more time is spent massaging the intimate parts of your body and working with the energy arising in this area.


During a massage of this duration, you can really deeply relax. No part of your body will be forgotten. Allow yourself to be surprised by unexpected and unusual experience from a massage of your head, face, mouth, nose and ears which is called a massage of third dimension. Massages which are longer than 2 hours are extraordinary and result in a memorable experience for you.


  • A tantric bath is included in the extended version of this massage called Shiva de luxe.
  • It is possible to reserve this extra service with any variation of a Shiva massage if you wish.
  • Please mention this in the note in your order form if you would like the tantric bath experience.
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