Lingam tantric massage

This massage is highly recommended for advanced men – the shivas - in Tantra. It is the most intense tantric massage that you can have with us.

What you can look forward to

Most of the time is devoted to the massage of intimate areas and thus spreading the rising sexual energy through the whole body.

After an introductory ritual and a relaxing massage of the whole body, the masseuse concentrates on the massage of the inner thighs, the buttocks and especially the tantric massage of the whole male centre which includes not only lingam and testicular massage, but also pubic bone massage. The massage is conducted gently and carefully and alternates with more intense touches, the length and intensity of which are tailored to the client's experience and expectations.

You will experience the various touches, breathing techniques and variations that are used during tantric massage of intimate parts. Internal prostate massage is also included in this technique and it is nearly necessary (unless you are fundamentally opposed to this) to achieve a state of intense orgasm.


During regular visits, we will teach you to experience sexual arousal throughout the body, not just in the genital region, and we will teach you how to experience full body and widespread orgasm. In addition, you will increase your sexual stamina, which will surely be appreciated by your partner.


During this massage the same rules apply as with other therapies in our studio that massage is not mutual. A masseuse is your guide and you embrace and appreciate the increased sensations within your own body and, at all times, treat the masseuse with respect.


  • Let your partner know of the sensations that you have experienced, and guide her towards surfing on the waves of orgasmic pleasure with the special yoni massage.
  • For a massage with more contact and a shorter lingam massage, select the Body to body massage.
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