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Why come to us

The massage studio, Tantra Patricia Praha, was one of the first to be opened in the Czech Republic. Since 2006 we have gained an excellent reputation among Czech and foreign clients, who leave filled with the feeling that they received the best possible care, and with the knowledge of what a true Tantric massage is. We also run the Tantralife massage school.

How can you tell where you will be in good hands?

Today there are countless new massage studios in this field, some good quality, some not as good, and the map of Prague is filled with them. So how can you tell whether you will be in good hands?

Read the menu and see what qualifications and certificates the masseuses have. Whether they are still educating themselves and devoting time to their personal development. Listen to direct recommendations or warnings of those who have already visited the studio. Quality of the web pages can also be a good lead.

What we excel in

What we excel inI founded the Tantra Patricia studio after four years of experience in a massage parlor in Germany, where I gained many precious experiences, the best of which I have applied to my studio and am continuing to develop…

About me/Patricia

PatriciaSome years ago, I felt the need to work with the human body and I opted for the study of the body hrough touch and massage. In addition to classical, reflex and oriental massage, which I have practiced in the Cybex…

Massage studio

Massage studioI founded my own massage studio Tantra Patricia so that we could impart the joy and pleasure of beautiful Tantric therapy to clients of all ages, in a pleasant environment in an oasis of serenity, with a sense of security…

Massage school Tantralife

Tantralife.czOne proverb says “You don't know it untill you can teach it”, which to us, means that our goal is not only satisfied clients but also capable masseurs and masseuses. In 2008 started the school of partnership and tantric massage…

Press and media

Press and mediaOver the years of the existence of our studio we have received several offers to write an article for journals or magazines. Here is a list of all of them; you can view the article in its full length. In this case we are not able to provide…

“I consider it equally important that my work is also my hobby, and that despite all the organizational activities related to the operation of the studio, I still massage and work together with my colleagues.”


July 10 - October 30, 2017

We are creating a beautiful new studio for you.

In the meantime, you can find us at:

Nademlejnska 24, Praha 9-Hloubětin



 (The entrance and parking is on K Náhonu street)

Special offer for hotels(see next box)





Daily 8am-6pm

Massage in your hotel room for the same price as in the studio!

90min Tantra basic at hotel

3500Czk - 3000Czk


2500Czk - 2000czk



70 minutes - 1600Czk/65 Eur

Offer during the renovations

on the adress: 19800 Praha 9-Hloubětín

Nademlejnská 24, (entrance from street

K Náhonu)

Call: +420 775 781 819

Not possible at hotel


Professionel Tantra massage lesons:

Individual tantric massage training

is offered on a continuous basis.

 Simply send  a request for

The Training block by Patricia.


tel: 0420 604 982 713



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Massage school:
Quick contact:

Tel +420 775 781 819

@ patricia@tantra@massage.cz

Map  Čihákova
 Praha 9
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Working hours
Daily 10am–10pm
Earlier massage can be arranged (from 7am)
Reservation in advance is necessary

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