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Expert in massge

The most experienced hands around. Patricia estabilished the massage studio in 2006 and she's been taking well care of it since then. It doesn't matter if you choose tantric or classic massage, by all of the types you can be sure that you'll get the best treatment and attention. Her touch will be long remembered. Famous Patricia is simply unshakeable certainty in quality and sensitivity.

✓ Tantric massage✓ Healing massage
✓ Consultation✓ Couple couching


Specialization:Partnership massage by one masseuse, all kinds of tantric massage, healing tantric massage, bespoke classic healing massage

Tells about herself:Tantra is almost a word of sacred significance to me and I try to bring the sanctity to each of your massage, which I see and feel as the meeting at the highest potential female and male principles, God and Goddess. My massage is a highly energizing and stimulating for the further development and the impetus for further work with primary energy.

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2012-2016 Soulmate, Tantra school by Sarita, 500hrs trainee

Tantric training Sacred body, passionate spirit
John Hawken – 2009/2010

Deeper Tissue Therapy. ATOK Ústí n. Labem
Cahal Flynn – 2008
Professional training of tantric massage
Tantraworld, Denisa and Richard – 2005/2006
Reflex therapy school
Patakys – 2005
Dorn method, Breuss massage
Prouzová/Púry – 2005
Maseur for sport and recondition massage
Massage school Refit – 2004

Self developement courses:

Soulmate, 4 years trainee by Sarita (2012- now)

Dark Eros, John Hawken 2012

Advanced Tantra Trainee, John Hawken, Skydancing Tantra 2011/2012
Trauma constalation, Radim Ress 2011
Mohendjodaro, Lažánky 2009
Working with sexuality, John Hawken 2008
Thai massage, Chakra massage, Thajsko 2008
Family constelations

Patricia při masáži

Spoken languages: Česky ◊ Deutsch ◊ English ◊ Français ◊ Italiano

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Working hours
Date From To
25. 4. 2018 12:00 18:00
27. 4. 2018 10:00 22:00
28. 4. 2018 09:00 22:00
29. 4. 2018 09:00 18:00

I am delighted to announce that the TANTRIC TEMPLE has been open.

You can watch the video:

Patricia welcomes new masseuses - Yanča, Elis, Saly and Gloria.

We work usually by appointment.

The fully renovated studio has been designed with the help of an architect, and beautifully decorated by artists, all of whom have contributed to the renovations with a great deal of love and patience. The new and beautiful space in a modern style is ready for clients, for lovers of genuine tantra.






Professionel Tantra massage lessons

Individual tantric massage training

is offered on a continuous basis.

Send simply  a request for

The Training block by Patricia

email: vlastapatricia@gmail.com

Tel: + 420 604 982 713


Valentine's Day:

Try our massage for couples with 25% off


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