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Testimonials August 2014

27.8.2014 Magic touch

Dearest Patricia, Your massage just made for me the most beautiful
day, just as Your smile and angel eyes made my life and heart such
a warm places. That was something that I can't explain or describe
with words, that was the afternoon of my reborn in Your wonderful
presence. If I can stay in Your arms forever and ever, that would be
still too short how much I longing for Your sweetest touch and breath.
Thank You, dearest Patricia, for making my little world so happy and
so better for living in. You're always be my guide and godess... With
endless love, N.

Merci:divine angel, delicious tantric, wild tigress.Thank you Merci. Paul



We are opening December 19th

in Čihákova 25/978.

Until than still

on the address: 19800 Praha 9-Hloubětín

Nademlejnská 24, (entrance from street

K Náhonu, floor 1/28)

Call: +420 775 781 819




Christmas 2017:

Christmas Gift  Voucher

of 25% for a Tantric massage 

Vouchers are valid from 28.12.2017 to 30.5.2018

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Christamas voucher


We open new space in DEZEMBER 2017

In the meantime, you can find us at:

Nademlejnska 24, Praha 9-Hloubětin

entrance+parking street K NÁHONU



 (The entrance and parking is on K Náhonu street)

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Professionel Tantra massage lessons

Individual tantric massage training

is offered on a continuous basis.

Send simply  a request for

The Training block by Patricia

email: vlastapatricia@gmail.com

Tel: + 420 604 982 713

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NEW Hot stones tantric massage

100min/ 3100czk


Great feeling in cold and dark days.

Call 775 781 819

Adress:Prague 9

Nademlejnská 24

Entrance K Náhonu street