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Tantric massage men

Tantra Basic

Tantra Basic

Enjoy a classic tantric massage and allow yourself to be worshiped standing up and lying down, with feathers, fur gloves, oil, ritual washing as well as the feeling of sensual female palms. Your body …

Length: Price: Note:
60 min 2 000 czk €80 + €20 at hotel
70 min 2 300 czk €90 + €20 at hotel; incl. prostate mssage
90 min 2 800 czk €110 + €20 at hotel
90 min 3 000 czk €120 + €20 at hotel; incl. prostate massage

Shiva Massage

Shiva massage

Full tantric massage lasting for 2–3,5 hours designed especially for a man – the Shiva. This classic tantric massage includes anal massage and massage of the prostate and more time is spent massaging …

Length: Price: Note:
2 hrs 4 000 czk €150 + €30 at hotel
2,5 hrs 4 700 czk €180 + €30 at hotel
3 hrs 5 300 czk €200 + €40 at hotel
3,5 hrs 5 900 czk €230
4 hrs 7000 czk €270

Prostate Massage special

Prostate massage

This massage lasts 105 minutes and consists of Tantra Basic massage with emphasis on relaxing your pelvis, bottom, special anal massage and only with your agreement an inner massage of the prostate. Y…

Length: Price: Note:
105 min 3 500 czk €130 + €30 at hotel; incl. Tantra Basic

Body to Body

Body to Body

Massage with body is one of the most beautiful and contactful massages. Special personal art for men and women using shiatsu, nuru massage, reiki and tantra techniques and touches to the rhythm of spi…

Length: Price: Note:
60 min 3 100 czk €120 + €30 at hotel
90 min 4 100 czk €160 + €30 at hotel

Shiva DeLuxe with Bath

Shiva DeLuxe

Exclusive tantric massage lasting for 3,5–4 hours. This is a full tantric massage for men similarly to a shorter variant Shiva massage, it consists extra hot tantric bath which takes place prior to ma…

Length: Price: Note:
3,5 hrs 6 600 czk €250 + €30 at hotel (bathtub necessary)
4 hrs 7 000 czk €270

Shiva in Paradise 4hand

Shiva in Paradise

Yes, as in paradise. This is the way men – our clients – feel after a 4 handed massages when 2 beautiful and perfectly coordinated masseuses are a pure delight for the body and soul. Four hands on you…

Length: Price: Note:
60 min 3 800 czk €150 + €30 at hotel
90 min 5 200 czk €200 + €30 at hotel
2 hrs 6 400 czk €240 + €40 at hotel
2,5 hrs 7 600 czk €290
3 hrs 8 600 czk €330

Prostate Massage healing

Prostate massage

This massage lasts 60 minutes and is focused on healing the prostate. It only focuses on the bottom area, back, thighs and then more than 30 minutes is dedicated to healing the roseta and prostate. Ma…

Length: Price: Note:
60 min 1 800 czk €70 + €20 at hotel; anal massage + prostate, no lingam

Temple of Goddess Isis

Temple of Goddess Isis

A quarter-day relaxation and treat for your body and soul. This is a massage lasting for 5 or 6 hours for men. Experience the best from tantra and tantric massage. Meet your Goddess who will guide you…

Length: Price: Note:
5 hrs 9 000 czk €360; Not possible at hotel
6 hrs 10 000 czk €400; Not possible at hotel

Tantric Bath

Tantric bath

The tantric way of life encompasses pleasure in all senses and it is recognised that satisfying the body allows the spirit to be free which allows it to expand. Your masseuse will treat you with the g…

Length: Price: Note:
30 min 1 000 czk €40; at hotel only additionaly to another massage (bathtub necessary)

July 10 - October 30, 2017

We are creating a beautiful new studio for you.

In the meantime, you can find us at:

Nademlejnska 24, Praha 9-Hloubětin



 (The entrance and parking is on K Náhonu street)

Special offer for hotels(see next box)





Daily 8am-6pm

Massage in your hotel room for the same price as in the studio!

90min Tantra basic at hotel

3500Czk - 3000Czk


2500Czk - 2000czk



70 minutes - 1600Czk/65 Eur

Offer during the renovations

on the adress: 19800 Praha 9-Hloubětín

Nademlejnská 24, (entrance from street

K Náhonu)

Call: +420 775 781 819

Not possible at hotel


Professionel Tantra massage lesons:

Individual tantric massage training

is offered on a continuous basis.

 Simply send  a request for

The Training block by Patricia.


tel: 0420 604 982 713



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