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Tantric Bath

Tantric bath

The tantric way of life encompasses pleasure in all senses and it is recognised that satisfying the body allows the spirit to be free which allows it to expand. Your masseuse will treat you with the greatest honour, lathering and soaping you all over your body in a way that is sensuous and relaxing.

Every time you need to relax and relieve stress, there is nothing better than booking a 4-hour session with bath.

As you're immersed in a bath of warm water with essential oils, sea-salts and soft bubbles you're gently bathed in the style of Tantric Bath Ceremony. I will lovingly pour water over your entire body, massage your neck and shoulders, and apply acupressure to relieve aching muscles and stress. Once your tantric bath ceremony has been completed, you will be dried with soft and fluffy towels.

Tantric bath is a wonderful bathing ritual, which is already incorporated into Shiva DeLuxe Massage and Temple of Goddess Isis massage. The bath could be taken only additionally to another massage. Every time you need to relax and relieve stress, there is nothing better than booking a three- or four-hour session and enjoying being touched, massaged, bathed, and caressed by beautiful and young therapists.

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I am delighted to announce that the TANTRIC TEMPLE has been open.

You can watch the video:

Patricia welcomes new masseuses - Yanča, Elis, Saly and Gloria.

We work usually by appointment.

The fully renovated studio has been designed with the help of an architect, and beautifully decorated by artists, all of whom have contributed to the renovations with a great deal of love and patience. The new and beautiful space in a modern style is ready for clients, for lovers of genuine tantra.






Professionel Tantra massage lessons

Individual tantric massage training

is offered on a continuous basis.

Send simply  a request for

The Training block by Patricia

email: vlastapatricia@gmail.com

Tel: + 420 604 982 713


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