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Tantra Basic

Tantra Basic

Enjoy a classic tantric massage and allow yourself to be worshiped standing up and lying down, with feathers, fur gloves, oil, ritual washing as well as the feeling of sensual female palms. Your body and lingam will receive worship, appreciation, attention, and loving care during this massage.

Tantric massage is an invitation for you to open and expand your sexuality to new horizons.

At first your body and head are relaxed by special tantric strokes and then you will enjoy the caring touch of hands on your lingam, full of unexpected changes, variations and intensity. The massage sequence is a long developed art, giving rise to a feeling of continuous surfing on waves of bliss. You will experience hot fire, your hair standing on end, diving into yourself and the release of your emotions.

If you receive this massage regularly you will learn how to work with your breathing, energy in your pelvis and how to control your orgasm. Tantric massage is an invitation for you to open and expand your sexuality to new horizons.

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Variants of the massage:

60 min 2 000 czk
70 min 2 300 czk
90 min 2 800 czk
90 min 3 000 czk
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I am delighted to announce that the TANTRIC TEMPLE has been open.

You can watch the video:

Patricia welcomes new masseuses - Yanča, Elis, Saly and Gloria.

We work usually by appointment.

The fully renovated studio has been designed with the help of an architect, and beautifully decorated by artists, all of whom have contributed to the renovations with a great deal of love and patience. The new and beautiful space in a modern style is ready for clients, for lovers of genuine tantra.






Professionel Tantra massage lessons

Individual tantric massage training

is offered on a continuous basis.

Send simply  a request for

The Training block by Patricia

email: vlastapatricia@gmail.com

Tel: + 420 604 982 713


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