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Touch of Love

Touch of love

This classic tantric massage will be appreciated by partners and couples who desire for mutual massage experience. Whether you want to experience something new, get closer to your partner physically or energetically or just relax, don't hesitate.

New room and inspiration for your intimate life together.

This massage can open a new room and inspiration for your intimate life together. The massage Touch of Love has several versions:

  1. One room
    1. You both are in the same room, lying close to each other while receiving almost synchronized. Your energies are connected in this distinct experience, which multiplies its depth even more. The man receives massage from a masseuse, while the woman from a masseur or masseuse.
    2. This is the favorite variation in which the partner not taking the massage can assist. It's an opportunity to learn new touches, discover what your partner enjoys or just watch the ongoing massage.
      Expect at least with 2,5 hours or more.
  2. Separate rooms

    The massage is similar, however you receive the massage in separate rooms. In this variation, each partner can choose to have a different length of time (eg. the man 90 minutes and the woman 2 hours)

Before the massage we will talk about your expectations and boundaries. After the massage we will make it possible to share your vision of how far your experience took you. This massage is very interesting and suitable for married and unmarried couples of all ages. By itself, it's a full-value gift or simply a very sweet evening.

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Variants of the massage:

60 min 4000 czk
90 min 5 200 czk
2 hrs 6 800 czk
2,5 hrs 8 000 czk
3 hrs 9 000 czk
  • Before confirming your order, you can choose to write us any message regarding your reservation. Put down your preferred date, time of the day or masseuse.
    Also, to speed up the reservation fill in your phone number.

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We are opening December 19th

in Čihákova 25/978.

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We open new space in DEZEMBER 2017

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