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Glossary of terms

Tantric massage

It is a sacred ritual based on principles of tantric philosophy.

Real tantric massage is a therapy which touches not only the material body but also reaches out to the soul.

It is an invitation to open through touch, an invitation into the world of experiences on the level of all senses in the present moment and in a safe and respectful place.

Real tantric massage awakens, in a sacred way the basic, i.e. sexual, energy as the most powerful human energy. It does not work at the level of eroticism, excitement and following-up finishing but at the level of a slow, deliberate building up of sexual energy into a high level of leading that energy into the whole body. With advanced practitioners, this energy can go into the astral net. All expressions of enjoying the flow of this energy are welcomed and supported – breath, voice, movements, orgasm, orgasm delaying, ejaculation. The expression of each individual is respected and honoured. You are supported during this massage to „allow“ all possible expression. But every man and woman has his own individual ways of enjoying this energy so you will be supported you even if you want to stay quite still.

It is most important to respect the limits set between the receiver and giver during this massage.

This massage is not about „using“ increased energy to exchange the touch between the giver and receiver. It is about the receiver feeling his/her body, energy and about the therapist guiding him/her to other possibilities of experience.

You can learn the tantric massage at the Tantralife school of massages under Lingam and massage for men, Yoni and massage for women and Body is the temple of soul.


The greatest hinduistic God. The God of creation and destruction, the God embodying male creative power. During tantric massages and tantric courses the name of God Shiva is used as the word for a man. Tantra uses its own description of Shiva (the highest male principle – consciousness) and Shakti (the highest female principle – energy). The connection between these two principles leads to the return to the original state – to the connection with the absolute - God.


Godess-Mother, the wife of Shiva, initiator, the creator of life, the divine female creative energy. Shakti is also the name for a female participant in tantric courses. More in the chapter Information for clients/Tantra.


Sanskrit name for a male reproduction organ and is usually shown as erect. It is a sign of creative energy in Shiva connected with Shakti. We use the word lingam in a tantric massage in relation to „massage of the lingam“. It means a special tantric massage of the male sex.


The life force energy sleeping in your root chakra approximately where your coccyx ends. Once awaken this energy rises through all chakras upwards until it connects with the crown chakra. Symbolically it is represented by a circled snake (3,5 times) in the area of the first chakra.

Shiva lingam

Shiva in this form is understood to be a phallic symbol of his reproductive power.


Another Sanskrit name for male sex.


Female genital organ, worshiped as a sacred part of a woman. In tantric massage we call a massage of female genitals the massage of the yoni. It is a massage of outer and inner genitals. Such a massage depends on the wish of the client.

Ritual of tantric massage

Tantric massage is started with an opening ritual which can be performed in different ways. It should be clear from it that it is opening a sacred space for receiving and giving massage in a spiritual framework. The ritual of tantric massage contains a special sequence of touches and strokes which have certain importance. They are performed first standing up or sitting down. They energetically prepare the receiver and giver. Rituals open a safe space for opening yourself to receive. Lying down you will enjoy the ritual washing of your body and many soft procedures to awaken your energy body. You can learn the ritual of the tantric massage at the Tantralife courses of tantric massages under Body loves touch.

Classic tantric massage (Tantra Basic)

Tantric basic massage for women and men lasting for 90 or 120 minutes includes tantric ritual, awakening the energy body by soft procedures, relaxing the muscles by oil massage and tantric massage of genitals.

Massage Shakti

This is the name for a tantric massage of woman lasting 2 hours which is an ideal minimum time for woman to be able to relax on the physical and psychological level and to be ready and open to receive and perceive new feelings and experiences.

Massage Shiva

This is the name for a tantric massage of man lasting 2-3 hours. It also includes an anal massage and massage of the prostate.


This is the place which divides the anal area from the genitals. The area of the perineum includes the rectum and reproductive organs. This place is intensively massaged and specially treated during tantric massage because this is an area connected with the reproductive organs and glands and a place with great energetic importance.

PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle is also called the muscle of love. It is located in women around the entrance into the vagina, about one finger tip inside. The contraction of the vagina causes the contraction of this muscle. This muscle goes around the rectum, vagina and uterus and gives support to the reproduction organs. With men this muscle creates the shape of the number eight around the base of penis and rectum. Soft tonus of this muscle leads to sexual problems or an inability to hold urine. Contracting of this muscle leads to an increase in sexual pleasure. This muscle is trained and used during tantric workshops by several breathing exercises.


This is a part of male genitals. The secret of this gland is being mixed with sperm. It is located under the bladder and enters the urethra. It is the storage place of zinc in the male body. Zinc is spiritually understood as a protection for the male. The prostate is usually made taboo and its name is connected in our mind with unpleasant visits to the doctor and possible diseases such as experiencing difficulties passing urine, surgical removal which creates in men a fear of impotence with its a parallel in terms of a hysterectomy. Tantric massage is a unique opportunity to heal your prostate. It will get the care and attention and that way it will transmit into your consciousness and experience.

Massage of the prostate

Massage of the prostate is a part of a tantric massage but only with the agreement of the receiver. It’s highly healing, because it can unblock psychological problems caused, for example, by inappropriate medical attention. It can bring back into this part of the body the energy and natural perceiving of its meaning. The massage itself consists of an outer and inner massage. Outer massage is performed by pressure on perineum using the palm and fingers. The inner massage is performed through rectum after previous massaging and relaxing of the pelvis and bottom, and after special sequences of strokes relaxing the rectum. Anal massage should be connected with joy and relaxation. The inner massage then stimulates the prostate by a special sequence of touches which helps by regular practice to keep the prostate elastic and removes any blocks. High hygiene standards are required during this massage. We use gloves or protective finger covers. For massaging we use Vaseline or ajuverdic butter ghí which has healing influences itself. This massage is in no case performed with any tools or objects.

Kashmir massage

Kasmer massage

Take a journey of cognition of your own self through your body
Discover your true potential
Give yourself a gift of luxury mystical experience
Touch the depths of your soul
Discover sacred dance of Shiva and Shakti
Float on waves of love and extasy


The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit name tanoti which means to expand and trajati which means liberation.

In practice, tantra teaches that everything is right the way it now is in the present moment. It likes the natural flow of all around us. It does not judge or separate things into bad or good. Understanding this principle helps us to see the meaning of all happening around, it opens parpossibilities for further development and changes. Hearts are opening, energy flows through the body and it is supported by breath. You feel accepted, loved and open.

Tantra is about accepting yourself and others with respect as a part of the universe. It uses all five elements to their limit and then goes behind these limits.

Tantra is more or less a sexual path using our basic senses that means sexual/orgasmic energy to strengthen personal development. It helps us to see our essence and rise above the restrictive image that we created inside us or that we were taught by during our upbringing or by our society. It helps us to realise the source of our energy, to come in one with it and go back to it – to gain from it.


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