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About me


PatriciaSome years ago, I felt the need to work with the human body and I opted for the study of the body hrough touch and massage. In addition to classical, reflex and oriental massage, which I have practiced in the Cybex Spa Hilton as a therapist and Massage Instructor, I studied the Dorn Method. I found the Dorn Method fascinating, because it taught me the connections between the body, spine and psyche.

My original profession is a languages teacher. I graduated at Charles University in Prague-specializing in French, German, Czech linguistics and psychology. Foreign language is still one of my biggest hobbies.

Patricia in Thailand

Why Patricia?

Patricia is a translation of base of my name Vlasta to the Latin form Patria.

Patricia is a translation of base of my name Vlasta to the Latin form – Patria.

Second, it's a female form of a male name Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. His life story caught my attention.
An Englishman, who was a slave in Ireland, saved by druids and later was a spiritual leader of the Irish nation. He achieved it through his own spiritual strength, intelligence and fairness.

Patricia during massage

Beginning of my professional career as a masseuse

I started to study massage in 1991. It was in a massage studio in Berlin, where I worked first as receptionist and later was taught massage. My first exposure to Tantra took place in Berlin as well, an inspiration to me, which I went back to many years later in Prague.

I studied in Thailand, a 5–day Thai massage course in a private school on
Koh-Phan-gan island.

I started to study massage more systematically upon returning to the Czech Republic; first studying classic massage, reflexology, and the Dorn method.

I studied in Thailand, a five day Thai massage course in a private school on Koh-Phan-gan island, and Ayorvedic Massage in Sri Lanka. Shiatsu training took place in the Netherlands, in the Art of Life School of the Kushi Institute. I worked as a therapist and trainer in the Cybex Spa within the Hilton Hotel, Prague.

My most recent study was a 10–day workshop in Deeper Tissue Therapy as well as a private workshop in Tao massage.

Patricia in massage studio
Patricia in the kitchen

Tantric path

I started to be interested in Tantra when I felt it was better to cultivate the energy in my body.

I found that I could consciously work to increase my, as well as other people's potential through exercises and breathing techniques.

The knowledge that my body "talked" to me helped me to better understand the power I can give to and receive from other bodies. I found that I could consciously work to increase my, as well as other people's potential through exercises and breathing techniques. This was a key moment for me. An important issue in training was the treatment of sexual injuries.

This is the main reason why I do Tantra through massage therapy. I find working with sexual energy in the body is an amazing and effective way to treat injuries and emotional blocks in the area of sexuality and partner relationship.

Patricia with a scarf

Tantric acquirements

I finished the School of Tantric massage Tantraworld Prague in 2005. My first Tantra teachers were Denisa and Richard, followed by tantric workshops in Thailand, by Komala in Prague, deeper regression therapy, Tantra Yoga for women in Lažánky, family constellation, Training Working with sexuality 2008 by John Hawken,

In 2010 Skydancing Tantra 1 year training by John Hawken. This was the most important event in my life training.
In 2012 The tantric path Advanced training by John Hawken.

Healthy lifestyle

Another major interest in my life is nutrition and healthy living. I actively practice the principles of macrobiotic diet. In particular, I explore the effects of a yin and yang energy diet on my health and my family and also the impact of diet on sexual energy, and partnerships.

In addition to your Tantra massage, I can provide advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


I am delighted to announce that the TANTRIC TEMPLE has been open.

You can watch the video:

Patricia welcomes new masseuses - Yanča, Elis, Saly and Gloria.

We work usually by appointment.

The fully renovated studio has been designed with the help of an architect, and beautifully decorated by artists, all of whom have contributed to the renovations with a great deal of love and patience. The new and beautiful space in a modern style is ready for clients, for lovers of genuine tantra.






Professionel Tantra massage lessons

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